Latest Updates

Our store is officially open for the 2021 holiday season! However, before you begin to shop, we wanted to update everyone on a few changes. Over the past several months, we have experienced many supply shortages and delays ranging from glass, fragrance, and wicks! Things will be a little different this year as we continue to navigate this challenging economic landscape.


We managed to keep most of our popular holiday fragrances in stock this year. Still, you may find that many of them are unavailable. We are working on getting everything fully stocked for the new year as the shortages improve. However, our inventory is minimal this year, and we will likely only make 2-3 batches for the holidays. Once we run out, we will be closed for the remainder of the season.


Local delivery will still be available to West Haven and the surrounding towns within a 10-mile radius. In addition, New England & New York customers will still be eligible for free shipping on orders over $50. The rest of the country will still remain at $75. Orders below those amounts will be charged the exact cost of shipping which has gone up slightly. As always, we pass our business discounts on to you, allowing you to pay the least amount possible. Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to process your order!


Unfortunately,  supply shortages have not been the only problem we have faced. We also encountered an increase in the cost of making our candles. This has forced us to raise the price of our candles by a dollar to $16.99. With that said, this increase will be temporary for as long as necessary. Then, once prices return to normal (if they ever do), we will be sure to adjust. As we have said in the past, we will NEVER increase our prices unless there is a legitimate business need. Unlike many in Corporate America, we view you not as a customer but a friend.

The Future:

Believe it or not, we are close to finishing our 4th year in business. Throughout those 4 years, you have seen our company transform, go out of business, and more. Our family also faced hardships that tested our limits and our resolve throughout the pandemic. The good news is that despite all those challenges, we are still here thanks to your love and support, and we NEVER want you to forget that. We will never stop transforming, and we will never stop fighting until we reach our goal of selling 1 million candles.