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More than candles



Our Story

During 2017 our daughter Tatum was diagnosed with a kidney disease

named Nephrotic Syndrome. As most parents would we ran to Google

in search for reasons why our daughter had gotten this. To our surprise,

we learned that allergic reactions could play a role in triggering this

disease which led us to go through our home and eliminate any

potential chemicals. Although we've always burned candles, we never

actually knew what was inside of them. Most of the candles you find in

the store today use paraffin wax which is a byproduct of the oil refining

process. Call us crazy, but we thought it was weird to burn something

in your home that is made with something that you could find in an oil

refinery! We started making them for friends and everyone loved them

which led us to starting a company.

Our Mission

We make all of our candles out of our home using a small batch method, and they

smell just as good as the ones you can find in the store, however, burn much

slower and cleaner. However, our mission is more than just making candles. We are

committed to finding a cure for not only our daughter but the thousands of children

who suffer from Nephrotic Syndrome. This is why we've committed to donating

20% of all profits from every candle we sell, to NephCure, an organization based in

Pennsylvania that is focused on finding a cure. We will make these donations for as

long as we make candles or until a cure is found.


As we grow so will our contributions. Once we reach sustainable growth, we hope

to donate up to 80 percent of profits to Nephrotic Syndrome. We believe that

business shouldn't just be about making a profit, but helping people and we are

committed to doing just that.